BC Fishing Accommodations

If you are from out of town and require overnight accommodations please let us know. We recommend places that are convenient to the location at which you are fishing. Depending on what time of year you are fishing, as well as what type of fish you are targeting, our guides have certain boat launches that they like to use. This way, you can manage your own overnight details without a middle man. And, you will be close to the boat launch so it’s a quick and easy trip to and from your hotel.

The Harrison River House

Another accommodation option is this wonderful accommodation located right on the banks of the Harrison River and only a stones throw from Historic Harrison Mills.

This premium accommodation is a huge home boasting scenic views of the Harrison River and the surrounding mountains. The River House comes completely self-contained and can accommodate up to 6 guests and is tastefully appointed with designer fixtures and a huge deck which includes a hot tub and an outdoor fireplace.