Fly Fishing in British Columbia Canada

BC Fly Fishing

British Columbia is world renown for its enormous runs of Salmon, Steelhead and Trout.

Ultimate Sportfishing Adventures offers outstanding Guided Fly-fishing and Spey fishing opportunities in British Columbia on the pristine waters in the South West region of B.C.

Multi-day guided Fly Fishing and accommodation packages are easy to schedule and allow anglers the option to fly fish several different lakes and streams for different types of salmon and trout while on holidays, one of the truly remarkable aspects of fly fishing the South Western region of British Columbia is the diverse Fly fishing opportunities that are present for salmon, steelhead and trout.

The runs of salmon, trout and steelhead arrive at different times through out the year in the various rivers and lakes that we fish, and that provides fly-fishing opportunities for 12 months of the year. We Start Fly Fishing in late June for sea run bull trout and Sockeye Salmon on the remote Upper Pitt River where we occasionally come across Chinook salmon, and Cutthroat trout as well – this is strictly a catch and release river. On the Odd numbered years, like 2013 we will encounter a massive run of Pink Salmon that sometimes number in excess of 20 million salmon. We target these Pink Salmon on the Fraser and Harrison rivers as they are quite receptive to the fly and offer great sport on 8 weight fly rods. With the abundance of Pink Salmon in the river, many of our guest lose track of how many fish they caught.  We then concentrate our Fly Fishing efforts on smaller Fraser Valley Rivers like the Vedder/Chilliwack and Harrison Rivers for early run Coho and late run Sockeye Salmon; cutthroat fishing is quite good on the Stave and Harrison Rivers also. October and November is prime time for fly-fishing here on the west coast as all five types of pacific salmon are in our rivers. The arrival of the Chum salmon to the Fraser, Stave, Chilliwack and Harrison rivers, these salmon aggressively attack and shred flies with their powerful runs and sharp teeth. Chum salmon weigh anywhere from 10-20 pounds and are plentiful in our coastal rivers, our Spey Fishing guests come here from around the globe to target these salmon as they are great sport on an 8-10 weight Spey Rod.

Some of our guests like to split the day up and fly fish for salmon in the morning then target trout in the afternoon on lighter fly rods. Normally in the fall we will use egg or minnow patterns fished below the areas that salmon are known to spawn, as a few of the deposited salmon eggs can get washed down river to awaiting trout to feed on. This method of fly-fishing is done with light 4 weight fly rods, floating lines and strike indicators; it’s a great visual way to fly fish for trout.

We supply all top quality Spey/Fly rods and reels, waders & boots and I hand craft all of our own custom tied flies ensuring the highest standard materials combined with local knowledge of what fly patterns work best on our fish to ensure you get the most from your guided fly fishing experience.

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