Fraser River Salmon Fishing in British Columbia Canada

Salmon Fishing in British Columbia

Fraser River Salmon Fishing is British Columbia’s Fraser River is world renown for its large salmon runs. We offer angling opportunities for all five Pacific salmon species that start running in May and end up in November. Normally the Fraser River opens up to fishing for Chinook (springs, Kings) the first of May, and the fishing really picks up in June and July. These fish are the largest of the five species of Pacific salmon, and the can weigh in excess of 50 pounds. These fish readily take lures and bait. When you connect with one of these bad boys, there’s no question you are in for a battle. They have been compared to hooking a locomotive.

The next type of salmon to enter the Fraser River is the Sockeye salmon. Starting in July, they invade the river in numbers sometimes exceeding 10 million starting in July. These fish usually weigh between 5-10 pounds.  These fish are prized for their dark red flesh, and are delicious on the BBQ.

In odd numbered years on the Fraser River, the Pink Salmon (Humpies) migration starts in July and can sometimes be in excess of 15 million fish. At weights ranging from 5-8 pounds, Pink salmon are the smallest of all Pacific Salmon, but some can reach 10 pounds. Pinks will savagely take spinners, spoons and flies. With the abundance of Pink salmon available, this is a great way to introduce youngsters to fishing, as multiple hook ups can be expected throughout the day.

As leaves start to turn into their autumn colors in September, the fraser river salmon fishing kicks into high gear and the next of the Pacific salmon start entering our Coastal streams: the Coho (Silver) salmon. These fish can be quite elusive, but when we find them, the fishing action can be non-stop. Coho salmon will readily take spinners, spoons and flies, and when hooked, they put on an acrobatic air show like no other. Coho salmon range in weight from about 5 pounds to well into the teens.

The last Salmon to enter out West Coast Rivers are the Chum (Dog) salmon, which start to show up by the end of September. These salmon are nicknamed “Dogs” because of their large sharp teeth and their aggressive behaviour. They seem to “attack” almost anything in their way. The average size of these fish is around 10-15 pounds. I like to fish for these brutes with a fly rod, but drifting roe or spoons are just as effective. When one of these Chum salmon decides to take your offering, you can bet you’ll be into a stubborn “Bull Dog” of a fight.

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