Vedder River Steelhead

Fraser River Steelhead

Steelhead, the very word evokes images of cold frosty mornings and the excitement that lies ahead, as you dawn your waders, and proceed to the rivers edge in hopes of an encounter with British Columbia’s premier game fish- the steelhead.

On B.C.’s South coast, die hard steelheaders are known to endure the most inclimate weather conditions for the chance at only a brief battle with the “grey ghost”. Successful steelheaders find themselves plying their favourite waters for uncountable hours in all river conditions and have solved the puzzle to consistently hooking steelhead. They say that 10% of the steelheaders catch 90% of the Steelhead and I believe that is true as our guides have a fantastic success rate when it comes to guiding guests for these fish.

Many fishermen target these fish for years before finally catching one, and that can discourage many fisherman. Let our experienced fishing guides take the learning curve out of steelheading and instruct you on the right spots, the right baits, lures and flies that are needed to successfully catch these fish almost every time you hit the river.

These fish are surrounded with mystery and are known to be very elusive to the river angler, but once the Steelheader has spent many days in pursuit of these obscure fish he will be rewarded with a gleaming chrome catch that will leave him wanting more. Winter Steelhead start their spawning migration to their natal rivers as early as November and will continue to migrate right into the spring, however the spawning ritual will begin in the warmer months of May and July. So let’s unravel the mystery behind these fish and see what makes them tick.

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