Fraser River Sturgeon – British Columbia

Fraser River Sturgeon

World Class Big Game Sport Fishing is what we’re all about and our guests come from across the globe year after year to experience the excitement that the Fraser River white Sturgeon fishing has to offer. The Fraser River sturgeon is British Columbia’s largest game fish, and once you’ve had an adrenalin filled battle with one of these prehistoric fish from the past you will be hooked! From the second one these giants are hooked, to the line screaming runs and the tail walking jumps it’s only then you can truly appreciate the sheer strength of these giant fish from the past. Many of our guests call these fish “The Fraser River Marlin” due to their jumping aerial displays.

Fraser River White Sturgeon can reach weights of over 1000 pounds and 12 feet in length. Many of our sturgeon fishing clients often catch fish in the 4 – 7 foot range with a few 8 and 9 footers every year tipping the scales at over 400 pounds!

Fraser River sturgeon fishing can be done 12 months of the year on the Fraser River but our professional guides target sturgeon from March through until the end of November which is the most productive times.

All of our guides use modern high performance custom built river jet boats to get you to the fishing areas fast and safe. And we only use quality gear and equipment to make your day fishing for sturgeon an adventure you won’t forget.

If you’re planning the fishing vacation of a lifetime, plan on making your destination the place where dinosaurs still roam the earth, come to British Columbia, Canada and let our team of professional fishing guides take you on a special fishing adventure for the legendary Fraser River White Sturgeon. It’s what a BC fishing holiday should be.

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