BC Fishing Articles

BC Fishing Articles

Below is a collection of helpful articles about sport fishing on the Fraser River in British Columbia.

5 Tips For Fly Fishing Sucess

Want to be a better fly fisher? Follow these 5 fundamental fly fishing tips below to increase your fly fishing sucess…..

Barfishing Made Simple
Chinook are considered the big game fish of the salmon species. This is true, these fish can get huge! Bar fishing for them is very easy, and simple. Not a lot of equipment is needed.

2015, Year of the Pinks
Once every two years, millions of pink salmon return to the Fraser River. These feisty little fish are the smallest of the 5 pacific salmon species. But don’t let their small size fool you; these salmon will excite anglers of any age and skill level.

River Dinosaurs
Are there really dinosaurs roaming the earth even today? The answer is a definite yes. We have these creatures from the past living in many of our waterways right here in British Columbia and their called Sturgeon.

Steelhead, the very word evokes images of cold frosty mornings and the excitement that lies ahead, as you dawn your waders, and proceed to the rivers edge in hopes of an encounter with British Columbia’s premier game fish.

Smoking Salmon
Here’s a little tip on smoking salmon and various other fish that works well for me. The end result is a tasty snack that seems to disappear faster than I can put it on the plate in my house.

Curing Bait
There are just about as many ways to cure bait as there is bait to cure.

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