2015, Year of the Pinks

Pink Salmon Article

By Randy Beck

As we eased the 14ft. Misty River car topper into the Dewdney slough and pulled the 9.9 H.P. motor to life, my heart was pounding with anticipation, because from past experiences I knew what lay ahead at the confluence of the Fraser river and Sumas cannel this warm September morning. My fishing partner Jim had introduced me to this fishery a few years earlier and I was eager to get the little tin boat to our fishing destination, only a quick 10 minute boat ride up the Fraser from the mouth of the Dewdney slough. Once we arrived and set anchor it was obvious that the Pinks had arrived also, they were jumping everywhere, it was as if the surface was boiling with fish. We quickly tied on our #2 Blue fox spinners to the end of our ultra light spinning rods and the fun began, we had multiple double headers and can’t really remember how many fish we brought to boat that day but it was everything that I had come to know and love about this special little fishery.

Pink salmon are “two year” fish which means their life cycle is normally 2 years, and on many of the lower mainland and Fraser valley streams they return in abundance in odd numbered years usually starting in Mid August through to October. In some years Pink Salmon invade the river with numbers exceeding 30 million! They’re easily identifiable by their large oval spots on their tails and males develop a large hump on their backs giving them the nickname “Humpies”.

These feisty little fish are the smallest of the 5 pacific salmon species, generally weighing in between 3-5 pounds and 17’’-24” in length. But don’t let their small size fool you; these salmon will excite anglers of any age and skill level. Pink Salmon are the ultimate sport fish to introduce youngsters to, as their abundance and willingness to take flies, spinners and spoons are unequalled by none. 20-30 fish days are the norm, but 50 fish days are not uncommon. So why not get out and give this fishery a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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