New Fly Fishing Guide

Welcome Aboard Dave Henry

Dave Henry

We would like to welcome our new fly fishing guide, Dave Henry as the newest addition to the Ultimate Sportfishing guiding team. Dave brings many years of fly fishing experience with both single and double handed Spey fishing that is gaining popularity for salmon and trout here on the West Coast. Dave has been plying the waters of Southwestern British Columbia from a very early age and brings extensive fly fishing expertise to our team of professional Fraser valley guides.  Dave, an avid light spey fisherman has fished all over Canada as well as taking trips to the top fly fishing destinations around the world.  This unique experience and long term dedication to the 2 handed rods ensures our clients looking for a special and rewarding trip focused on this style of fishing will be fully satisfied with a professional guided trip with Dave Henry. 


Dave is an excellent jet boat operator with intimate knowledge of the rivers that he guides on.  He is fully committed to the Ultimate Sportfishing philosophy of providing our clients with a fun fishing adventure with a priority on safety while running the rivers. With Dave’s fly fishing expertise and our sponsors that support his passion you will have available on your trip top of the line gear to experiment with and learn what works well for you. Dave enjoys teaching new and seasoned fly fisherman how to properly Spey cast and of course depending on the focus of the trip, Daves hand tied flies on the end of the line will vary according to the season and target species, but as with any Ultimate Sportfishing trip he will be adequately prepared with all of the best patterns that produce both numbers of fish and trophy sized catches.


The Fraser river valley is known for its amazing Salmon, Steelhead, and trout fishing and if you are looking for a premier spey fishing trip to pursue these hard fighting fish Ultimate Sportfishing can deliver a trip of a lifetime.  Whether you are looking for just a single day trip or a multi day fishing experience Dave Henry is the right choice for a professional guide that can teach you about spey fishing.  Dave’s passion for fishing with 2 handed rods and educating anglers about this exciting style of fishing is evident in his personal blog 2 HandedTrout.  Check out his website to learn more about his fishing expertise and read about his consistent light spey fishing success in Canada and around the world.  Call us today to book your next fly fishing adventure with Dave Henry.


Randy & Trish Beck